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About Concord Townhomes

There are quite a few advantages to living in a townhouse compared to other living options. You get more space than with a condo or apartment, and they are more affordable than renting a detached home. If you’re on the hunt for a townhome to rent or lease, the delightful town of Concord is a great place to look. Located less than a half-hour commute from downtown Toronto, Concord is starting to see some consistent growth, as many people are looking to trade-in big city life for something a little more serene. Considering that your landlord will take care of the upkeep, you'll have more time to enjoy all the fantastic things your townhouse community and the city of Concord have to offer.

Is a Townhouse Rental in Concord Right for You?

Renting or leasing a townhome in Concord is an excellent option for families, professionals, couples, or retirees who are looking for a more self-contained place to live. With a townhome, you get access to a front and backyard, as well as a garage and multiple parking spots. Because of their design, townhomes are like little communities. These communities act as small neighbourhoods where everybody looks out for each other and everybody shares whatever facilities the community may have. Things like playgrounds, BBQ areas, event spaces, dog parks and pools are common with most new townhouse developments. If you’re looking to move to a place with big-city conveniences and a small-town atmosphere, consider renting or leasing a townhome in wonderful Concord.
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